Freeze Dried Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

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A brand new way to enjoy your ice cream with our freeze dried version. You can now enjoy this vanilla ice cream sandwich bar in the winter without feeling cold or afraid that the hot sun in the summer will melt your ice cream away in the middle of a camping trip. We introduce you this vanilla sandwich ice cream bar 2.0 to take care of all your problems for good. Have you ever tried ice cream on top of freeze dried ice cream? YES! It's game changing, mind-blowing and so good!

Net weight: 50g

Bag size: 9’ x 6’

We take pride and add lots of love to each package that we pack. However, the courier can be rough sometimes during shipping/handling so it's normal to have some candy dust at the bottom. But you should not skip them because they are just as good as topping on your favourite ice cream!