About Us


YI Freeze Dried is the first fully registered company based in Vancouver, British Columbia that offers gourmet freeze-dried products. We focus on using the latest equipment and high-quality supplies to ensure our finished products are at the peak of quality. Our mission is to introduce gourmet freeze-dried products to every snack pantry with an extensive variety of selections. For our team, the best joy of it all is receiving all the positive feedback. We thank you for being a customer and generously supporting us since day one.
- A customer's love is our only fuel to grow. -
What separates us from others is in the quality of our products. From design, to taste, to texture, we strive for the highest industry standards so that our customers are guaranteed to enjoy the tastiest candies. We do not endorse shortcuts and practice it by being very attentive to customer feedback. Our team members are firm believers in: "The most successful brands are the ones that have the biggest count of happy customers."
- If you are happy, our whole team is happy. -