Freeze Dried Mini Marshmallows

  • $8.00

Marshmallows!! A camping food that is so popular and familiar to many of us...until now! We are bringing to you freeze-dried marshmallows. No chewy, no soft. Its texture becomes so crunchy, yet the sweetness is much smoother. Enjoy it with a hot chocolate or a hot coffee during camping/hiking or simply at home on your fluffy couch in the living room. Same ingredients but yet much different experience! You'll never look at marshmallows the same way.

 Net weight: 40g

Bag size: 5' x 8'


We take pride and add lots of love to each package that we pack. However, the courier can be rough sometimes during shipping/handling so it's normal to have some candy dust at the bottom. But you should not skip them because they are just as good as topping on your favourite ice cream!