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Freeze Dried Lunar New Year Edition

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A special Lunar New Year Candy Collection featuring Freeze dried treats; Creamy White Bunnies, Strawberry Chews and Original Rainbow Candy.


Freeze Dried White Rabbit

• If you're a fan of Chinese white creamy milk candy, this is the top recommended flavour to satisfy your cravings. The freeze-dried process removes all water content from the candy and turns it from chewy to a crunchy texture. The candy's flavour is enhanced dramatically and allows you to taste the sweetness in every single crumb as it melts in your mouth. So tasty, it’s hard to stop eating this one!

Freeze Dried Strawberry Chews

• If you enjoy fruity flavoured sweet, then definitely try this one. With a delicious strawberry flavour, this candy will amaze you. The freeze-dried process removes all water content from the candy, turns it from chewy to crunchy texture and intensifies the strawberry taste. It will surprise you bite after bite!

Freeze Dried Original Rainbow Candy

• Another crazy fruity flavour that has hidden flavours! Within this rainbow, there are strawberries, green apples, grapes, lemons, and oranges. Each colour brings its own delicious pop of flavour. Please expect to have a lot of fun with this flavour!


Net weight: 368g



We take pride and add lots of love to each package that we pack. However, the courier can be rough sometimes during shipping/handling so it's normal to have some candy dust at the bottom. But you should not skip them because they are just as good as topping on your favourite ice cream!